Mohamed Saïd Raïhani




Short-Short Stories








"Long live Pugatchev, leader of the peasants’ revolution!"


"Long live Pugatchev, leader of the rebellious peasants!"


"Long live Pugatchev, long live Pugatchev!", screamed the thirty thousand peasants revolting against the empress Katherina II’s policy, waving about their guns behind Pugatchev, a military deserter who claimed himself the legitimate Emperor whom the empress had slain, promising  his followers among the farmers to abolish the feudal system,  to liberate all the serfs and  to give the peasants the land which they work.


Pugatchev was leading the parade riding his horse heading for the major cities, quite confident in his weight, in the fidelity of his followers and in the benediction that the monks were giving him all along the way before he jumped off his horse running away in panic towards the rocks  and weeds in the valleys seeking a shelter pursued by his followers who came to know that their empress,  Katherina II, is giving a legendary sum of money to whoever would hand her Emelian Ivanovitch Pougatchev, dead or alive.








The man pushes forth a cart in which a baby cries hysterically the milk that has run down in his bottle:
- Be patient, Job!


The child keeps on crying.


The man carries on:
- Patience is the key to Salvation, Job!


The child’s hysteria is always on:
- Everything is to an end, Job!


Another man passing by asked him:
- It seems that your words did nothing to ease the pain that your child, Job, is feeling!


The man replied:
- "Job" is my own name, and patience is what I am lacking.









The prostitute insisted on receiving in advance the sum of money agreed upon before following her customer to the near-by forest. She was whispering out her words playfully and  moving erotically curves and humps when a highwayman surprised them waving about a sword in his left hand, and reaching out his right hand to the prostitute’s breast.

Furious, the customer attacked his rival, rolling around on the ground and calling names at each other while the prostitute, safe under an oak-tree, undresses herself sensuously preparing herself to celebrate victory with the winner.







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Mohamed Saïd Raïhani

Mohamed Saïd Raïhani

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